Choose the best dumbbell

There are plenty of reasons to work out at home, whether you want to save on a gym membership, don’t have the time to commute to a workout class regularly, or just love your virtual exercise class instructors. And these days, it’s easier than ever to bring the equipment you use at the gym right into your house. A set of dumbbells is a must-have for any home gym, as these weights can be used for a wide variety of exercises and are easy to store, even in smaller apartments.

There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing a dumbbell set:

The first thing to consider when buying any new product for your home gym is the amount of space it will take up and the amount of space you have to spare. Larger sets require racks that may be too large for apartment-sized home gyms. In this case, a pyramid-style rack or a set of adjustable dumbbells will give you more bang for your buck, space-wise.

Weight Range
Next, consider the range of weights you want. This depends on the kind of resistance training you do and your personal exercise practice. For adding slight resistance to a home yoga or Pilates class, you may want a set of weights that peaks at 10 pounds or less. Or, if you like to challenge yourself with body-building style lifting, a larger set that goes up to 50 or more pounds might be more up your alley.

Because you’re working out at home, you’ll want to buy a set that won’t damage your floors or walls upon contact or when a weight is dropped. Rubberized weights are a good idea precisely for this reason. Weights with flat sides, such as hexagonal dumbbells, also won’t roll, which can protect toes and other objects in their way.

If you’re working to get your home gym setup looking a bit more professional as well as add some resistance training to your routine, these are the best sets of dumbbells for any home gym and skill level. The best part is that since there are multiple weights in each set, these products grow with you as you gain strength, so you can use them for years.

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Post time: Dec-03-2022