Rizhao Primary and Secondary School Students Table Tennis Championship (League) kicked off in the Comprehensive Physical Training Hall of Sports Industry Group of CUHK!

On May 11-12, the 2024 "China Sports Lottery Cup" Rizhao Primary and Secondary School Students Table Tennis Championship (League) and "Running Bar · Youth" themed fitness activities for children and teenagers were held in the Comprehensive Physical Training Hall of CUHK Sports Industry Group.



The athletes on the field quickly entered the state of the game, the competition is very fierce, and the wonderful showdown on the table tennis continues to emerge. Play the ball, pull the ball, jump high, burst... On the court, the players worked hard and frequently displayed their skilled skills, precise attack and clever defense. Table tennis flew back and forth on the table. The atmosphere of the court was fierce and the climax occurred one after another

Rub, pull, lift, buckle

Fast, accurate, ruthless, turn

The players on the field

The pace is flexible and the tactics are changeable

All the professional moves in one go

Won bursts of applause from the audience

Let's see them together

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640 (2)
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640 (4)

The CUHK Sports Training Center in Rizhao was fully completed in 2017, with an outdoor track and field of 4,000 square meters, equipped with 2 5-player cage football fields and 1 7-player cage football field; The indoor comprehensive physical training hall of 11,000 square meters is equipped with 4 volleyball courts, 2 standard basketball courts, 16 badminton courts, 20 table tennis courts, 1 standard boxing ring, indoor 5-a-side football training field, physical training field (500 pieces of sports equipment), taekwondo, wrestling and other high standards and professional training fields. It has standard venues that can meet the needs of pre-competition training and competition, with a restaurant building, an office building and two apartment buildings, a total of 41 standard rooms, 17 triple rooms and 76 six-room rooms, which can accommodate 600 people at the same time to eat and live, training, conference affairs, training, eating and living in one, safe, convenient and hygienic. The venue is equipped with a physical testing area for adults, a one-to-many physical testing area for students, locker rooms for men and women, conference rooms and reception rooms, big data management, customized exercise and fitness programs for each person, and record test records at each stage, and make timely adjustments according to changes.


The training center has held and undertaken a large number of youth training, competition, training and other summer camps, events and fun development activities, the main are: with Springfield College, Nike International training camp, launched the youth Nike football training camp, youth Nike basketball training camp; Hosted the Rizhao youth sports injury and rehabilitation training class; Undertook the Rizhao model aircraft training class; Rizhao model aircraft training courses and other training activities; Undertook the 9th National fitness Games in Shandong Province air volleyball competition, the 11th town table tennis finals in Shandong Province, Shandong Province skip rope competition (Finals), China Minor Basketball League for Primary and secondary school students, five consecutive years to host the Rizhao Junior Table Tennis Championship for primary and secondary school students, primary and secondary School students' Healthy Growth Summer camp and other events, Rizhao Economic and Technological Development Zone table tennis League, It undertakes the training, training and fun activities of badminton, basketball, table tennis, football, volleyball, air volleyball, skipping rope, Taekwondo and other sports of various organizations, enterprises and industries in the city. It holds more than 30 youth competitions every year, and strives to become an excellent base of extracurricular activities for teenagers, so as to better serve the health of teenagers.

In 2024, we will continue to undertake various provincial and municipal events and training, such as spine health summer camp, table tennis championship, basketball, football, volleyball championship, gas volleyball, badminton, sports camp, jump rope, taekwondo, boxing and other related events and training.

Post time: May-13-2024