2023 “Zhongda Sports Cup” Rope Skipping Competition Zibo Station

From 25 August to 28 August, by the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau, Shandong Rope Skipping Sports Association, Zhongda Sports Industry Group Co. Ltd. , Sponsored Rope Skipping Competition (Zibo Station) kicked off in Zibo City.



After a summer holiday experience, Shandong many rope skipping enthusiasts in Shandong have long been eager to try this competition. In order to maintain the order of the event, improve the quality of the event, and build the event brand, the event organising committee decided to limit the number  of participants to 400. A total of 46 teams in the province were attracted, with almost 400 athletes enthusiastically taking part. The competition programme includes speed race, regulation race, pattern race and performance race 4 large 36 small items, the competition group covers 6 age groups 15 groups.


The fairness  and uniformity of the referees’ decisions ,together with the thorough logistical  support of the contractor and co-organisers and the great importance attached by the leaders at all levels, ensured that the whole tournament ran smoothly and orderly, with no complaints or disputes during the tournament, and with a warm, strong and joyful atmosphere on the field of play.


After two days of intensive competing, 37 projects and 15 groups of competing outcomes, 175 individual winners. The “Sportsmanship Award” won Zibo City, Zhoucun City North Middle School and other 15 units. Jinan City, Changqing District, Phoenix Road Primary School Hao Longfei 42 coaches “won the title of excellent coaches”, Shandong Light Industry Institute Ma Ziyao 72 “athletes won the title of excellent athletes”, Binzhou College, such as 10 referee Yu Hongliang Ten referees, including Yu Hongliang of Binzhou College, were awarded the title of “excellent referee”.


All this in an atmosphere of excitement, intensity, joy and peace, with teams and players all smiling, in various flashes of light, all to be remembered. ……

Post time: Aug-30-2023