“Zhongda Sports” Cup Shandong Province Rope Skipping Competition

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On the 15th National Fitness Day, in order to conscientiously implement the national strategy of national fitness and Healthy China, actively promote the popularization and promotion of rope skipping projects in our province, innovate and create high-quality events of rope skipping, further improve the general public's health level and quality of life, and help the province of sports and economic and social development, in response to the concept of "Healthy, Youthful, Green and Energetic", Shandong Province Sports Bureau and Shandong Province Sports Federation hosted by the CU Sports Association. In response to the concept of "healthy, youthful, green and energetic" rope skipping, to improve the physical fitness level of the youth group, and to enhance the physical and mental health and exercise ability of the people in our province, the 2023 "Rope Skipping Championship" was organized by the Shandong Provincial Bureau of Sports, Shandong Provincial Sports Federation, and hosted by Shandong Rope Skipping Association, and co-sponsored by CUHK Sports Industry Group Co. Ltd., Qingdao Huangdao District Hercynian Youth Football Club and Qingdao West Coast New District Second Experimental Primary School, the 2023 "Zhongda Sports Cup" "Jumping Qilu" Shandong Rope Skipping Competition (Qingdao Station) co-organized by the Shandong Provincial Sports Bureau and Shandong Provincial Sports Federation was held in Qingdao West Coast New District Second Experimental Primary School Gym.

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Many jump rope enthusiasts in our province have long been eager to try this competition. In order to protect the order of the event and improve the quality of the event, as the first match of the whole brand event, the event organizing committee resolved to limit the flow of this competition to 300 people. A total of 31 teams in the province attracted 300 athletes enthusiastically participate. The "Jumping Qilu" Shandong Province Rope Skipping Competition started in 2018 and has successfully held four competitions up to now, with more than 5,000 students participating and rising year by year. This year, the event was officially recognized as a provincial rope skipping brand event by the Provincial Sports Bureau and Sports Federation. The competition program involves 36 small items in 4 major events: speed, regulation, pattern and performance.

Athletes' representatives and judges from all participating teams danced their ropes to the music of the drums, and together they gave a beautiful performance for the audience. Then the Hongde School of Qingdao West Coast New Area Rope Skipping Team appeared on the stage to show their skills. The rope flying, dancing and leaping with joy, all kinds of dazzling variations of patterns and eye-catching rope skipping movements caused a burst of applause and cheers throughout the gymnasium.

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After two days of intense competition, a total of 37 projects and 15 groups of competition results, Qingdao West Coast New Area Hongde School Sky Rope Jian rope skipping team and other ten units won the Sportsmanship Award.
The whole game in a tense, intense, joyful, peaceful atmosphere in the perfect closing, the teams and all the players face a happy smile, in a variety of flash illumination, once again left a good memory ......

Post time: Aug-08-2023