Do you know that the medicine ball that burns fat for fitness is even more effective than running on iron ⁉

Do you know that the medicine ball that burns fat for fitness is even more effective than running on iron?


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Medicine ball, English name. It is a weighted training ball, weighing from 2 to 25 pounds (1 to 11 kilograms), with a standard medicine ball diameter of 14 feet and other different diameters. Medicine balls are widely used and suitable for muscle strength training, coordination training, etc. Many athletes also add medicine balls during training to increase muscle strength and explosive power. The origin of medicine balls can be traced back to 3000 years ago. Persian wrestlers used sachet shaped bags filled with sand and stones to increase weight as a tool for training physical fitness. In ancient Greece, the father of medicine, Hippocrates, filled animal skins with sand and stones to design medicine balls, helping injured patients regain their athletic abilities.

The benefits of medicine ball training:

1: Improve core stability

Adding medicine balls to training can put the trainer in an imbalanced state, placing higher demands on their balance and core stability. For example, standard push ups can increase difficulty and stimulate deeper muscles by placing one or even both hands on a medicine ball if many people feel that it is not difficult.

2: Supplement to traditional equipment

Most dumbbell and barbell movements can be replaced by medicine balls. Moreover, the throwing and throwing movements of medicine balls can more efficiently exercise explosive power. You can also choose any direction of projection: from front to back, from left to right, and in the direction of rotation. Effectively exercise muscle strength, balance, and coordination.

3: Essential artifacts for team building

Many fitness equipment is a personal exercise and can be quite boring. Medicine ball can achieve multi player cooperative sports, increase the fun of sports, eliminate the boredom of individual training, and enhance team cooperation and coordination. Passing medicine balls to sports partners during exercise can make training more fun and interesting. It can eliminate the boredom of individual training, enhance teamwork and coordination.

So what are the types of medicine balls?

⭕ Non elastic medicine ball

The exterior is made of leather and synthetic fibers, and the interior is filled with heavy objects and high elastic cotton yarn, providing good cushioning. Especially suitable for throwing and catching movements, it will not cause impact damage to the human body. Mainly capable of throwing, smashing, rotating, and other movements, suitable for a combination of functional coordination of strength, core abilities, and explosive power.

⭕ High elasticity medicine ball

This type of medicine ball has elasticity and usually weighs between 2 pounds and 30 pounds. Its elasticity is related to its weight, and the lighter the ball, the better its elasticity. It is suitable for some continuous throwing movements, used for core strength training, and can be used in combination with unarmed gravity training. Lighter balls are suitable for balance movements, while heavier balls are suitable for adding weight to sports movements.

⭕ Ear medicine ball

It is divided into single ear medicine balls and double ear medicine balls. This type of medicine ball does not have strong elasticity and has a handle that can be held, similar to a kettlebell, which can be used as a kettlebell during training. Due to its greater grip, many movements can include ear medicine balls, such as Russian rotations, weight bearing squats, etc.

⭕ Rope medicine ball

This type of medicine ball weighs between 2 pounds and 18 pounds, and is attached to a rope, suitable for swinging and core rotation movements. Due to the increased range of motion and high requirements for the core,It is not recommended to use it in beginner training.摔球主图5

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